M2.1 Extracurricular Courses

After finishing all of the Design Leadership & Entrepreneurship courses, I still felt the need for more knowledge on these subjects, before I could start a company of my own. I therefore followed four courses during my M2.1 semester to delve further into this topic.

Economics of Innovation has thought me about many roles money play when it comes to the subject of innovation. From the funding of fundamental research to ways of getting funding for a new product through venture capital, and everything in between.

Intellectual Property Rights for New Ventures has thought me about all of the major types of intellectual property rights there are, how one could apply for them, and when one should or shouldn’t do this. In short, it thought me how to set up an IPR strategy for a company.

Business Value & Entrepreneurship gave me a basic understanding of ways in which value-chains work, and how this affects all of the parties within that chain. In doing so, I learned how to think strategically on a macro level, using key performance indicators.

Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship showed me how to create and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities using effectual entrepreneurship. It showed me many ways in which one can be entrepreneurial, and that this doesn’t always involve creating something new.


Figure 1. Strategy map with KPI’s
Figure 2. Visualization of a simulated supply chain shock