M1.1 Project TrustMi

In a world where fully autonomous cars are a reality, it’s not crazy thinking that there will be something like the office on wheels. This idea has been seen in concept cars before, but for now this is just a glimpse into the future. However, this project is set in this future world.

One problem that we, and many researchers with us, foresee is that trust in these types of vehicles could pose a problem in their adoption. To avoid this problem, we first analyzed the state of the art on this subject by means of a literature study. After this, we proposed a novel solution to the problem by means of an information sharing display in the peripheral view of the user, which only activated when it was being looked at. With the help of a self-made prototype and driving simulator, user-testing was performed. The final concept was received well by our participants as well as experts in corresponding fields.

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