Creating Corporate Entrepreneurship

During this course my team and I conceptualized a new product line for Philips, which we had to strategically defend in several so-called business battles against other groups that came out for competing companies and NGO’s. Each party fought for the largest possible share in the market for products and services related to office health. The air quality-measuring NC-headphones and movement-stimulating floor mat that we proposed, and our collaboration with Zilveren Kruis, led to good results in the battles.

As a Program Manager, I have been the spokesperson for our group. When working together, I tried to keep everyone on the same page by creating a clear vision. Based on all of the information my team and I gathered, I worked on developing and getting our value proposition clear, but maybe more importantly the story behind it. At the same time, I layed the first contact with Zilveren Kruis, and negotiated the contract regarding our collaboration. In these negotiations I had a strong focus on ethics regarding the personal data of our customers.

All in all, this course has taught me a lot about how as a designer you can also look at a product group through a macro lens, and how you can focus less on the details of the products, and more oh the narrative surrounding it. In addition, this course has also been very valuable for my presentation skills.

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